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The Problem with My Dachshund

“The problem with my dachshund is that he pees.

Constantly. Unrelentingly. On rugs and furniture and laps.”

Your Face
You look so much like you. I feel like I could reach out and touch your face. Your face! It’s so good to see your face.
Compassionate Simulation

Static. Startle. Wait.                                   


Pygmalion & GalateaLove Is Never Still

Through every moment of carving, I want her as one wants a woman.

Henri_Rousseau_-_Il_sogno cropBetween Dragons and Their Wrath
with An OwomoyelaI will probably die today. If not, I will probably die tomorrow.
1907 Hatter and HareTea Time

The hatter is a poor man. He has no hats of his own.

 balletGrand Jeté

What’s the difference between a person and a doll?


Featured stories.

sad t-rexIf You Were a Dinosaur, My Love

If you were a dinosaur, my love, you’d be a T-rex.

poppies_cropThe Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Beneath the Queen’s Window

My story should have ended on the day I died.

eros philia agape sam weberEros, Philia, Agape

A robot’s quest to know love in all its forms.

Growth JSlattumHow the World Became Quiet: A Post-Human Creation Myth

During the first million years of its existence, mankind survived five apocalypses.

 a memory of wind by sam weberA Memory of Wind

How does a human girl become the wind?


Science fiction.

The Monster's Million FacesThe Monster’s Million Faces

Aaron’s mind just won’t cooperate. And neither will… he

How the World Became Quiet cropDispersed by the Sun, Melting in the Wind

On the last day of her life, the light-eyed child finds a pair of ancient skeletons.

Diving after the moon cropDiving after the Moon

To him, the moon was the future.

Strangers in My Mind by AnEternalGoldenBraidA Monkey Will Never Be Rid of Its Black Hands

As the cut fell, I saw no blood.

Is This Tomorrow comic book coverScene from a Dystopia

You’ve read this book before.


Traditional fantasy.

lisanePortrait of Lisane da Patagnia

The line between art and magic is a treacherous thing.

El_Greco_-_A_Lady_in_a_Fur_Wrap_-_WGA10450Maiden, Mother, Crone
with Ann Leckie
She may do it all, but it all goes awry.
The_Perilous_Compassion_of_the_Honey_Queen_by_Carrie_Ann_BaadeMonstrous Embrace

I am ugliness in body and bone, breath and heartbeat.


His enemy’s two dead girls–they were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

red dragon cropGreat, Golden Wings

Lady Percivalia watched the young cinematographist’s hands.

Mary_Cassatt_Woman_SewingNeedle and Thread
with Ann Leckie
She could return to the sidhe . . .  but what would they take from her this time?
Constable_Donkeys_in_the_stableThe Stable Master’s Tale

I did not see a dragon again for many years.


Contemporary fantasy.

hopper fieldFields of Gold

When Dennis died, he found himself at a party.

Art by FantasioDetours on the Way to Nothing

I’m the girl on the roof.

HarpijAbomination Rises on Filthy Wings

I’m not going to kill my ex, but I probably should have. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

(Pulled from Google Images marked for reuse): New York City by irot2:

Under smokestacks, beside stairs, in the sudden green of precarious gardens.

What Lies at the Edge of a Petal Is Love

He fell in love with her slender paleness like the stalk of an exotic plant.

Diana commemmorative stamp sheetWhere Shadow Meets Light

Princess Diana’s ghost emerges at night.


Myths, fairy tales, and retellings.

Joana Cocarelli, Faerie QueenAll That Fairy Tale Crap

Never ride a pumpkin when you can steal cab fare.

sun collageMarrying the Sun

The wedding went well until the bride caught fire.