Link Roundup & Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

Interviewed on Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

I was privileged to be in this week’s Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy in which host David Barr Kirtley interviewd me, Matt Kressel, and Jack Dann about Jewish science fiction and fantasy. Listen to the podcast here.

(Among many other things), Matt talks about Jewish mythology, and how Jewish symbols have become cultural staples–such as Leonard Nimoy’s Vulcan salute. Jack Dann talks about how the attitudes toward Jewishness in science fiction have changed in the past century. I talked about my experience editing The People of the Book: The Decade’s Best Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Relatedly, I’m looking forward to Matt Kressel’s new book, KING OF SHARDS.  king of shardsQuoting its description, “Across the ineffable expanse of the Great Deep float billions of shattered universes: the Shards. Populated with vengeful demons and tormented humans, the Shards need Earth to survive just as plants need water. Earth itself is kept alive by 36 righteous people, 36 hidden saints known as the Lamed Vav. Kill but a few of the Lamed Vav and the Earth will shatter, and all the Shards that rely upon it will die in a horrible cataclysm.” I love Matthew’s facility with bizarre world-building, and I’m excited to see what he does with it in novel form.


Link Round-Up

On my social media, I’m posting links to things I’ve written, things other people have written, and artists to support. On Mondays, I’m gathering the links from the previous week into a blog post. (Within the next couple weeks, I’m hoping to replace my Wednesday poems with writing advice, and add Patreon links on Thursdays.)

Some horror for October.

A Story of Mine

“When Shadow Meets Light,” Fantasy Magazine

This isn’t really a horror story, but it is about a ghost. When I was little, Princess Diana was a figure who loomed large. I had paper doll books of her fashions, knew what her wedding dress looked like. Reading her biographies was interesting; most seem to take a particular slant on her. I ended up siding with the more sympathetic, she seems to have been very young and naive when she got entangled in the royal mess.

A Poem of Mine

Thirteen,” Apex Magazine

Straight-up horror.

This is also the last poem of mine that I’ll be linking to here, unless I start reprinting stuff online or publishing something new. I’m planning to replace these entries with writing advice columns.

A Cool Patreon

If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a website that helps fans connect with artists they want to support. Some (like my friend Barry’s) work on a per creation basis (he gets paid per cartoon); others are monthly.

Carmen Maria Machado is one of my favorite new writers, and probably one of my favorite writers period. I hadn’t planned this deliberately, but she’s actually a very talented horror writer, so yay for continuing the October theme. Whether or not you end up supporting her Patreon, check out her stories; it’s worth it.

(ETA: Whoops! Actually posting my links to this next week. But her patreon is still awesome.)

An Awesome Story

Flat Diane” (audio) by Daniel Abraham, originally published in F&SF, reprinted in Pseudopod
There is a version in text as well

This is one of the scariest stories I’ve read. When I gave it to my students a few years ago, they agreed. It’s chilling, with excellent character work, and Daniel Abraham’s consummate craft. Trigger warning for violence against children.

Recommendation Roundup 10/12/15

Hello, internet world.

On my social media, I’m posting links to things I’ve written, things other people have written, and artists to support. I wanted to gather those links in one place, so each Monday I will put up a post with the previous week’s links and recommendations.

I might start working through my backlog weeks later, but for now, moving ahead…

A Story of Mine

Eros, Philia, Agape,” published on, my first short listed piece for the Locus Award, World Fantasy Award, Hugo Award and Sturgeon Award.

It was partially inspired by something Octavia Butler said to our class when I was at Clarion West: That the echoes of slavery continue to affect the ways Americans express love.

A Poem of Mine

Dear Melody,” which originally appeared in Sybil’s Garage and is now online at The Examining Room, is what happened when I first learned about chimerism. Science is so weird and cool. (Scroll down to read it.)

An Awesome Story

“In the House of the Seven Librarians” by Ellen Klages, originally in FIREBIRDS edited by Sharyn November, reprinted online in Uncanny Magazine (text) and in PodCastle (audio).

I don’t usually love stories about books and librarians. They can feel too easily like pandering to an audience that loves to read. However, the whimsy and beauty of this piece, and Ellen’s consummate ability as a writer, made me melt.

I was privileged to buy this story as a reprint for PodCastle, and to narrate it. (Audio link above.)