Cloud Haired Woman

“Cloud-haired Woman”

This reminds me of the art my parents had from the sixties, feminist  with interesting proportions and bodies. I called it cloud-haired woman  after a character in Marianne, the Magus and the Manticore, my favorite  of Sheri Tepper’s books which made a strong impression on me as a child.  (I haven’t read it since.)

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Drawing for Wednesday, April 10th: Dove

Dove is a character I drew for a role-playing game I was sketching out called Cats and Dogs Living Together.

Dove was born with an itch to explore. If she can’t get anywhere more exciting, the year-old grey tabby will explore rafters, piles of boxes, and dresser drawers. She yearns for adventure, and is tired of being treated like a kitten. She’s a lean and lanky adolescent, six pounds but still growing, fast, agile, and acrobatic. She wants other animals to take her seriously, but mostly she wants to burst forth and find something new.