book cover of a person walking down an alley with an umbrella and the following text: January Fifteenth, “Money Changes everything–except people.” Rachel Swirsky, “One of the best speculative writers of the last decade.” –John ScalziJanuary Fifteenth

Debuts June 14, 2022

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Celebrated short fiction author Rachel Swirsky returns with January Fifteenth, a gut-wrenching, near-future novella humanizing the experimental, practically science fictional policy of universal basic income.

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How_the_World_Became_Quiet_by_Rachel_SwirskyHow the World Became Quiet:
Myths of the Past, Present, and Future

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Publisher’s Weekly: “The 18 stories in this fine collection show Swirsky’s range in both fantasy and SF.” World Fantasy Award finalist.

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Through the Drowsy Dark CoverThrough the Drowsy Dark

Aqueduct Press | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Ten stories and nine poems by Nebula winner Rachel Swirsky. Swirsky’s explorations of the heart and mind are fearless—and dangerous fictions indeed.

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Memory coverMemory of Wind


The heroes are eager to sail to Troy for war, but the wind is still. To fill their sails and set out, they must sacrifice Agamemnon’s daughter Iphigenia—and how does a human girl become the wind? Nebula Award finalist.

Eros coverEros, Philia, Agape


Rachel Swirsky’s contemporary tale of love in all its forms—and of one robot’s quest to know it, and himself, on his own terms. Hugo, Locus, and Sturgeon Award finalist.

Portrait CoverPortrait of Lisane da Patagnia


The line between art and magic is a treacherous thing. Nebula Award finalist.


Monsters coverThe Monster’s Million Faces


The mind has an amazing ability to heal itself, especially given the newest therapies, but Aaron’s mind just won’t cooperate. And neither will… he.

Oz ReimaginedBeyond the Naked Eye


WISH, the newest reality show, stars Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion. Four contestants. One wish from the Wizard. Who will get their heart’s desire?



People of the BookPeople of the Book

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The Jewish literary tradition has always been one rich in the supernatural and the fantastic. In these pages, gathered from the best short fiction of the last ten years, twenty authors prove that their heritage is alive and well.

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Lightspeed Women Destroy Science FictionWomen Destroy Science Fiction

LightspeedAmazon | Barnes and Noble

Rachel Swirsky edited reprints for this special issue of Lightspeed Magazine, an all-science fiction extravaganza entirely written—and edited!—by women. Hugo finalist.

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