Cloud-Haired Woman

watercolor sketch in red of a woman with poofy, curly hair and a v-neck top with little “x”sThis reminds me of the art my parents had from the sixties, feminist with interesting proportions and bodies. I called it cloud-haired woman after a character in Marianne, the Magus and the Manticore, my favorite of Sheri Tepper’s books which made a strong impression on me as a child. (I haven’t read it since.)

Haiku Round-Up #5

Time for another round-up of my recent Haiku! (Here is an explanation of why I’ve been writing and posting haiku.)


A startle of wet

briskly awakens my skin.

I am thinking flesh.


The willow droops black

against a lavender sky,

a still precipice.


Dripping, drooping, weak.

The skin and the rain: both grey.

An unrestful sleep.


In early dimness,

a quiet, unmoving sky

chills, waiting for dusk.


Waiting in the cold,

trying not to let my mind

rush when all is calm.


Returning, the cold

breaks against the bedroom glass.

Wild-eyed, the cats watch.


Afternoon, evening,

merge as the sky stops dancing,

parting from the clock.