Cats in Hats

First there was the dog Oscar.
hat - dog

The dog Oscar had a costume including a tuxedo and hat. His owner says that depending on whether he wears that hat or not, sometimes it makes him look like a gentleman, and sometimes it makes him look like a gentleman hobo.

Then there was the hatting of the cats.

First, Pete, was convinced to wear the hat. Despite his skepticism, he did not view the hat as a threat. He is here pictured next to an iPad on which is playing the game To Be or Not to Be, the choose-your-own-adventure version of Hamlet designed by Ryan North.
hat - pete

Next, there was Clone, whose love of humans overwhelms all. If a human is within 20 yards, he purrs like a truck. A hat is a small price to pay.

hat - clone

Then, Alexi, who accepted the hat along with some ear scratches. He did not seem to have noticed at all that there was a hat.

hat - alexi

He did, however, drool.

Not pictured: two cats who expressed their lack of enthusiasm for headwear by running away really quickly.

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