3D Printed Fashion

kinematic petal dress

I linked to this from my twitter account awhile ago, but it’s really cool.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) commissioned Nervous System to create a new dress for the exhibition #techstyle which runs from March 6 through July 10, 2016. The exhibition explores the synergy between fashion and technology and how it is not only changing the way designers design, but also the way people interact with their clothing.

Inspired by petals, feathers and scales, we developed a new textile language for Kinematics where the interconnected elements are articulated as imbricating shells. Like our previous garments, this dress can be customized to the wearer’s body through a 3d scan, and additionally, each element is now individually customizable: varying in direction, length, and shape.

Thinking about it as a science fiction writer, it’s another step on the road toward awesome things that will, nevertheless, not be as awesome as they are in Star Trek (because replicators aren’t really viable, damn it). Still, ordering a custom 3D printed dress? That’s pretty Star Trekkie shopping.

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