Long List Anthology of listed 2015 Hugo works, $1

After last year’s Hugo debacle, David Steffen decided to put together an anthology of stories that appeared on the 2015 Hugo long-list. The Long List is currently on sale for one dollar.

One of these is my novella, “Grand Jete,” which was nominated for the Nebula Award and is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. It’s about robotics, Judaism, death, and ballet.

If you’re intrigued, here’s more information on the book:

Long List anthologyThe Hugo Award is one of the most prestigious speculative fiction literary awards. Every year, supporting members of WorldCon nominate their favorite stories first published during the previous year to determine the top five in each category for the final Hugo Award ballot. Between the announcement of the ballot and the Hugo Award ceremony at WorldCon, these works often become the center of much attention (and contention) across fandom.

But there are more stories loved by the Hugo voters, stories on the longer nomination list that WSFS publishes after the Hugo Award ceremony at WorldCon. The Long List Anthology collects 21 tales from that nomination list, totaling almost 500 pages of fiction by writers from all corners of the world.

Within these pages you will find a mix of science fiction and fantasy, the dramatic and the lighthearted, from near future android stories to steampunk heists, too-plausible dystopias to contemporary vampire stories.

Spend a single dollar here.

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