FogCon: March 11-13

Mike and I will be at FogCon this year from March 11 to March 13. I’m not on any panels, but feel free to come bug me for a chat.

In March, I will also be attending AWP in Los Angelos, and ICFA in Orlando. In May, Mike and I will be at the Nebulas in Chicago. Those are our only convention plans this year. (Unless someone wants to invite me as a guest…? 😛 )

For the first year of FogCon, the committee decided to drum up some attention by throwing a party at WisCon where they served drinks in cups overflowing with dry ice. (Because *fog*con.) I admit I opposed the plan because everyone was already overwhelmed, and I was worried we’d all just freak out and collapse into puddles, but everything went well. And the cups were all foggy. Also, it gave my husband, Brin Schuler, and Paul Goodman (all non-writer spouses of writers) a chance to go be nerdy and engineery in a space with absolutely no writer chat.

If your curious,here’s a video of what misty drinks look like. They are using dip-in sticks, but at WisCon, we used two layers of cups, with the outer one containing the dry ice. (Mike wonders whether you can get a similar effect to the sticks with something like a tea diffuser–definitely something to test for safety first!)

I didn’t watch the video all the way to the end, just enough to see that they put in sticks of fog. So if it turns out to be the creepy Ring girl at the end, I apologize for getting you killed by ghosts.

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