“Dinosaur” up on PodCastle, and Books That Got Me into SF/F

Two lovely pieces of news.

First off, PodCastle magazine has released a flash fiction extravaganza! The extravaganza includes flash fiction pieces by former editors and assistant editors, including myself, Ann Leckie, Anna Schwind, Dave Thompson and LaShawn Wanack.

When Rachael K. Jones contacted me about this a while ago, I sent over “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love.” The story has been podcast before — here at Apex Magazine (Lynne Thomas), and here at Escape Pod (Christina Lebonville). This version is read by excellent narrator and author, Tina Connolly. I love having multiple versions and interpretations of things, which is probably part of my love of retellings.

If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” begins around 50:00. Check out my story and the others. Several are even originals!

Second, I participated in the most recent SF Signal MIND MELD which asked the question, “For each one of us, there is a book, or a series, that hooked us on genre fiction. Maybe it was the first SF book you read, maybe you had to read a couple before you hit the one that hooked you. Tell me what book got you to become a fan of SFF, and why?”

Here’s an excerpt from my answer, but check them all out at the link.

My parents were huge science fiction and fantasy fans before I was born. They have a large bookshelf that they built themselves into their bedroom wall with heights perfect to accommodate their accumulating paperbacks. The top shelf which spans all the way to the ceiling has vertical piles of old Asimov’s magazines dating back to the 70s…


I can remember two other huge draws that changed my interaction with media. One was Fairy Tale Theatre by Shelley Duval which introduced me to the concept of fairy tales built with character and humor, shaped by whimsical and intelligent hands. Another was Star Trek which I came on when I was eleven and which sent me into many day dreams about departing on space ships.


I suppose, if I were being reductionist, I could even point everything all the way back to Sondheim’s Into the Woods which I’ve known as long as I can remember. It’s a musical that’s also a fantasy about reweaving cultural narratives to discover deeper emotional truths–and that’s a good summary of one of the things that inspires me most as a reader and writer.